Juanjo Guarnido, cartoons as an expressive language to win the Oscar of comics

Juanjo Guarnido

His works in the world on animation and comics have complemented each other throughout his career. Born in Granada, Juanjo Guarnido was given the Spanish National Award of Comics in 2014 as recognition to his work in the comic ‘Amarillo’, the fifth episode of the ‘Blacksad’ series. He makes this series together with Juan Díaz […]

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Javier Fernández, a hint of Andalusia giving life to DC Comics’ superheroes

Javier Fernández

Currently, Javier Fernández works for DC Comics, more specifically on the series ‘Nightwing’. Settled in Granada, Andalusia, he previously worked for the European Market and was in charge of many other orders to for the USA. Some of his most important works are: ‘Hazañas Bélicas’ (‘Military Exploits’) and a comic book based on the biography […]

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