Home rehabilitation for urinary incontinence with the help of your cell phone


Moving rehabilitation for urinary incontinence from the hospital to the home; this is what Birdi Solutions, a device developed in Granada, has achieved. It allows patients to accomplish their exercises using their phone and without needing to go to the hospital center, and with 2 million women in Spain suffering from this problem, this can […]

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Elena Viguera, wines that prefer to respect the environment over chemicals


Elena directs the Colonias del Galeón Winery, in Cazalla de la Sierra. They were pioneers in organic farming in Andalusia when they started to cultivate without chemicals 25 years ago in the Sevilian Aljarafe. This experience encouraged them to start producing organic wine in the heart of the Sierra Norte in Seville, an area that […]

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New organic herbicides thanks to the sunflower’s secret weapon against weeds


Why aren’t there generally weeds in the sunflower fields? Scientists from the University of Cadiz started their study with this question, and the answer, they claim, lies in the sunflower itself. Behind its’ leaves accumulates certain substances that are capable of eliminating competing plants. Thanks to this discovery they have been able to develop new, […]

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Francisca Molina, non-conformity to change the development of fetal diseases

fetal diseases

Gynecologist Francisca Molina, from Torreperojil (Jaén) works at the University Hospital Complex of Granada. She stayed in the King’s College, in London, for three years, where she learnt about Fetal Medicine from one of the best specialists in this field. Francisca currently coordinates one of the most prestigious units in Spain that treat certain fetal […]

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