NoDopApp: an app which fights doping alerting of banned substances in medication


NoDopApp is an app which alerts of doping substances which are contained in medication. It has been created as part of a campaign promoted by the Official College of Pharmacists of Almería, with the collaboration of the Andalusian College and the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Health in Sport. This initiative is aimed at […]

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Lorenzo Hernández, from basketball player to double gold in shot put and discus throw


Although he played basketball, Lorenzo Hernández, born in Motril, started to practise throwing and soon won competitions, so he focused on this discipline. He won the gold medal both in shot put and discus throw in the Junior Spanish Championship, held in Valladolid. Aged 18, he is part of the Ciudad de Motril Atlethics Club […]

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Illustrated tales to change the perception of children and teach them to respect diversity


Fat children, thin, short, with prominent ears, shy… Simple physical and emotional characteristics which, however, can be an excuse for their partners to mock them. Ana, Paloma and Patricia are determined to stop this absurd attitude with ‘Los Cuentos de Panapa’ (Panapa’s Tales), a series of illustrated books for children which intend to turn these […]

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