Alfredo Tejada, 20 years of flamenco singing worth of a Mining Lamp

There are several artists in his family. His grandfather was a flamenco singer and Alfredo Tejada has followed in his footsteps.  Born in Málaga and based in Granada, he was the winner of the Mining Lamp 2017 in the Minas de la Unión Flamenco Festival, held in Murcia. He has 20 years of professional trajectory and he has performed in stages around the world. Alfredo is currently working on his second record.

Rubén González, the trumpet as a way of life

When he was six years old, Rubén González was playing with his friends in the streets of his neighborhood, La Cañada de San Urbano, in Almería. He was asked if he wanted to join the San Indalecio Music Group and he didn’t think it twice. Despite in the beginning he used to play the drums, soon he fell in love with the trumpet. This instrument, which allows him to transmit his feelings, became his way of life.

In 2015 he won the International Trumpet Days Competition, Trumpet Talents of Estonia and that was a turning point in his career. He has played with the Spanish National Orchestra and the Madrid Philharmonia Orchestra, and he is currently part of the Palma de Mallorca Symphony Orchestra. Rubén is also a teacher in the Higher Music Conservatory of the Balearic Islands.

Juanjo Guarnido, cartoons as an expressive language to win the Oscar of comics

His works in the world on animation and comics have complemented each other throughout his career. Born in Granada, Juanjo Guarnido was given the Spanish National Award of Comics in 2014 as recognition to his work in the comic ‘Amarillo’, the fifth episode of the ‘Blacksad’ series. He makes this series together with Juan Díaz Canales and thanks to it, he has won several Eisner Awards, known as the Oscars of comics. Juanjo has also worked as an animator for Disney in films such as ‘Tarzan’ and ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’.”

Manuel Santiago ‘Manolete’, flamenco from the Sacromonte to Japan

People from the USA to Japan have enjoyed his flamenco performances. Manuel Santiago Mayas, mostly known as ‘Manolete’, has dedicated his life to flamenco and stages. In 2001, he won the Spanish National Dance Award and, since 2009, he directs an International Flamenco School located in the Sacromonte quarter, in Granada, which is named after him.