Miguel Ángel Torres, a master potter moulded since childhood

When he was just a boy, Cordovan Miguel Ángel Torres knew that he wanted to be a ceramist and a potter. Today, at the age of 50, he has the Master Artisan Card awarded by the Andalusian Government. He received this recognition in 2014. In his workshop in La Rambla, in the province of Cordova, he works with clay and stoneware. He is a self-taught artisan and a consolidated businessman. He directs his own company since 1999 and, currently, he tries to transmit his knowledge to new generations so this trade doesn’t die. All his creations are completely artisanal, from the pieces to the polish that decorates them.

José Miguel García, a master potter with a hallmark

The Almerian village of Sorbas has a pottery tradition. In the 11th century, it was known as the ‘clay pot’ due to the amount of clay that could be found in the area and that was used to make cookware. Potter José Miguel García grew up in this environment. He is the fourth generation of a family of potters, whose origin is in the year 1600. José Miguel works with clay just like his father and his uncle taught him, with the same care and technique that was used in ancient times. As recognition to his career, he was awarded the Master Artisan Card of Andalusia in 2016. The pieces of this potter are characterised by their loose paint-stroke decoration. Although he adapts to the demands of his clients, he prefers to make useful objects. However, José Miguel continues to create his hallmark: the typical Sorbas rooster and the ‘ajuarico’, a piece that contains miniatures of all the objects that compose a trousseau and that has been traditionally given as a present to brides on their wedding day.

Juan Martín, gastronomic excellence to boost Huelva’s flavour

Juan Martín began to work as a waiter when he was nine years old, to help with family finances. But, with the passing of time, he fell in love with this profession. The Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism awarded this restaurateur in 2016 as recognition to his career. He is a convinced supporter of Huelva’s gastronomy and is the owner of the Azabache restaurant. His motto is: “We don’t think that we are the best, but we try to be the best every day.”

Jesús Molero, artisan mastership integrated into the international market

Jesús Molero is part of the fourth generation of a family dedicated to furniture encrustation and engraving. From Granada, Artesanía Molero has made works for clients from all over the world, and their pieces have been demanded by several royal houses. In 2008 he decided to enter the international market, that’s why we can find some of their pieces in Japan or the United States. In 2013 he was awarded the Artisan Master Card given by the Andalusian Government, and he received the Spanish Crafts Diploma twice (in 2008 and 2014).