Frank Gómez, gastronomical fusion trained in the best kitchens

Frank Gómez is a young chef from Almería, born in Adra in 1987. The ‘calatrava bread’ of his grandmother awoke his interest for cuisine. However, he also inherited some of it from his mother, who also works in the restoration industry. When he was a boy, he used to skip classes and go to her mother’s workplace, where he had to work in the kitchen as punishment. That’s how his love for gastronomy was consolidated. He studied in the school of the Reina Cristina Hotel in Algeciras, where he finished first of his promotion in kitchen management and direction. Then, he worked for some of the most important chefs in Spain, such as Santi Santamaría. When he was 21, he was already a chef in the Hilton Hotel, and later he began to work for the FC. Barcelona, and cooked for its stars during two seasons. Currently, he assures that his dream is to open his own restaurant, fusing Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, and to become an ambassador of Almerian gastronomy.

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