Antonio Rico, a 77 year old inventor whose patents are used from France to Israel

He was already an inventor when he was a child, or, as he says, he found solutions to problems he came up with. And now that he is 77 years old, Antonio Rico continues to do it and has patented over 25 inventions. He lives in Torrox (Malaga) and has just created an underground drip irrigation system that allows saving by 50% of water. His concrete separators, another one of his patents, are used in large civil works in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

José Luis Guirao, education and Coconut Water to rescue children from social exclusion

He is a vet and he moved to Cambodia to work for ‘Veterinarians Without Borders’. There, José Luis Guirao decided to create Agua de Coco, an organisation offering personalized assistance to families. He currently lives in Madagascar, the country where most of the projects of this international cooperation foundation are developed. They focus on education, social action and the protection of the environment.

Eddy Plasquy, an anthropologist who triumphs in Belgium with his olive oil

Eddy Plasquy and his wife, Christa Grossiels, run a family business in Bollullos Par del Condado, in Huelva. It’s Aceite del Cetino, which produces one of the most valued olive oils in Belgium. This product won the Gold Medal in the International Olive Oil Contest of New York in 2017, having competed against 910 samples from worldwide.