Carmen Pinteño, unveiling traditions through painting

Carmen Pinteño is an Almerian painter who has produced over 1,000 works, all of them strongly influenced by the Indaliano movement, which emerged in Almería during the 20th century. Women who studied a university degree were criticized in that time, that’s why she decided to study a course in the Fine Arts School. It was a way to be entertained because she had always liked drawing. After Carmen got married, she and her husband moved to Albox, a small town in Almería. It was there where she began to draw as a distraction. She hasn’t stopped painting since then, and Carmen finally became one of the most prestigious Almerian painters of the 20th century. She has won numerous national and international awards, such as The Gold Medal of the Logroño National Exhibition or the Honourable Mention in the Summer Exhibition of New York. Her works express an inside perspective of Almerian traditions and has been exhibited worldwide: In Europe, America and Africa.

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