Sake de Coria, the first rice pudding liquor that mixes Andalusian and Japanese culture

Antonio Bizcocho is an entrepreneur from Coria del Río, in Seville. He came up with the idea of creating a new type of sake. It’s his tribute to the existing bond between his hometown and Japan since the seventeenth century, which is the cause of the fact that the first name of six hundred neighbours of this village is Japan. After a year of trials, Sake de Coria is on the market, adding a touch of rice pudding flavour to unite both cultures.

Young entrepreneurs design a device to pay at vending machines with your phone

Young engineers from Cordoba have devised a pioneering device that allows you to pay with your mobile phone at vending machines. Through a panel in the vending machine and an app on your phone, where you securely enter your credit card data, you can select and pay for the product that you want to buy using your mobile.