Engineers devise a revolutionary system to detect faults in industrial motors


A research team at the University of Huelva from the Study of Electronic and Mechatronic Systems Group has devised a wireless system through a software that allows the real time detection of critical faults in motors, measuring parameters such as temperature increase, vibrations or variations in the electricity supply and peaks of tension. The device […]

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Building materials as a harmless solution for chemical waste

chemical waste

The Radiations Physics and Environment Research Team from the University of Huelva has been searching for solutions for chemical waste produced by industry for decades, especially for phosphogypsum, red gypsum and tionite. Their proposal is to use them as raw material in the production of cements, ceramic materials, concrete… Their studies reveal that integrating them […]

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An app connects engineers and companies to facilitate labour insertion


The companies that need engineers post job offers through this mobile app. Then, students and graduates from the Superior Technical College of Engineering of the University of Huelva receive an alert in their cell phones. With this tool called ETSIEmplea, developed by students of this centre and designed by its director, they aim to facilitate […]

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