TobeeView, an agricultural software that let’s you see the world through an animal’s perspective


Investigators of the Arid Zones Experimental Station (EEZA) have created TobeeView, a software that presents reality as distinct species perceive it. All it requires is an introduction of an image and its concrete vision parameters in order to observe the world through their perspective and have the ability to study their conduct. This program can […]

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Esther García, technology to improve the lives of people with disabilities

Esther García

Esther García has a PhD in Telecommunications from the University of Málaga and in 2010 she founded the Eneso company, dedicated to the creation of technology aimed at people with functional diversity. She was recognised as one of the ‘Under 35 Innovative People Spain 2016’ by the Spanish edition of the magazine published by the […]

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Medicine students have practical classes in a virtual hospital

virtual hospital

Medicine students from the University of Granada can have practical classes in a virtual hospital thanks to innovative software that prepares them for their incorporation to the labour market. Through this tool, created by the University and the Granadian company Naturalsoft, students will learn to handle patient information just like it is done in hospitals […]

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