‘Mujeres por el barrio’ a radio show fighting for social inclusion in Polígono Sur

Polígono Sur

Empowering women and their environment, that is the intention of “Mujeres por el barrio,” a radio show from El Polígono Sur of Seville, one of the most run down suburbs in Spain. The idea is from the Association ‘Entre Amigos‘ and the Meridianos Foundation has been looking to highlight the group that, until 2012, was lacking […]

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Stramm Radio, the broadcast created on the internet by and for digital natives


A radio which gives a voice to a whole new generation of young people. This is Stramm Radio, a radio station created online by a group of young people aged between 14 and 17, which works through an app. Requesting songs live through messages, contacting and appearing live via Skype… New communication technologies to design […]

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