Eloísa Bernáldez, a researcher who studies History in the language of bones


Eloísa Bernáldez grew up reading Darwin’s Works and at the age of seven she decided that she was going to be a researcher. Today, she is a paleobiologist who studies bones and fossils to reconstruct how the inhabitants of Andalusia lived thousands of years ago. She works at the Andalusian Historical Heritage Institute and at […]

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Stem cells to create artificial pancreases which could cure diseases such as diabetes


This project is run in collaboration with Imperial College London and the Pi and Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute of Barcelona. Researchers from a lab at the Pablo de Olavide University have been able to identify the instructions stored in the genome which enable them to build a pancreas using stem cells. This achievement has boosted […]

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Agnès Gruart, studying the human brain to discover the physiological basis of learning


Agnès Gruart studies the physiological and cellular basis of learning and memory. She is mainly focused on the changes occurred in the brain caused by the acquisition of new skills. One of the papers of this researcher of the Neurosciences Division of the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville was considered by Science Magazine as […]

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