Enrique Castillo, engineering solutions to explore the outer space

Enrique Castillo

Enrique Castillo stopped working as an engineer in Barcelona (Spain) and returned to his home in Granada, Andalusia. He works as a line manager in Tecno-Alborán, a company which has developed some pieces for the European Space Agency. The company has participated in the ‘Galileo Galilei’ project, along with the Japanese Space Agency and the […]

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José Luis Guzmán, Automatic Engineering to make people’s lives simpler

José Luis Guzmán

José Luis Guzmán, born in Almería, studied Computer and Systems Engineering in the University of his city; however, collaborating with the Automatics Department changed his life. Building mini-robots made him realise that his professional future could be there and, since then, he has focused his research on finding ways to make people’s lives simpler. The […]

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Sofía Guerrero, an off-road woman at the top of world civil engineering


Sofía Guerrero, from Jerez, is at the top of civil engineering. This off-road woman has won the Wice Award, a prize that gives recognition to women who excel in the world of construction and engineering. Specifically, she has been named ‘Best civil engineer’, an award that she dedicated to women, to whom she encourages not […]

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Isabel Barbancho, research to increase interest for music using I.C.T.


Isabel Barbancho is head professor at the University of Málaga. After many years of research, now she is focused on her two passions: music and communications engineering. She applies I.C.T., Information and communications technology, to music; developing apps aimed at children to increase their interest for singing and music. Now she is waiting to receive […]

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