Manuel Molina, a visionary who has revolutionized the tourism industry

His mother wanted him to be born under Picasso’s blue sky, just like her. And he carries that shade of blue in his eyes to never forget the land where he came from. Manuel Molina, who is president of the German tourism company TSS Group, has written his own story, the story of a self-made man who produces 4,000 million euros a year of turnover by offering distribution and marketing services to the international travel agency industry. His particular vision of changes led him to develop a multichannel sales system for this sector. His successful trajectory was recognised with two honorary doctorates in Tourism from the universities of Hong Kong and Málaga. In addition, he was given the Medal of Andalusia in 2017. But Manuel also has a philanthropic spirit. He created a Tourism grant for the universities of Seville and Málaga, and a tourism innovation professorship, which was named after him, in the University of Málaga, as well as a multimedia libraries network for primary school students.

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