Emilio Martín, an athlete at the world top of duathlon

Emilio Martín wanted to be an athlete since he was a kid. However, in 2011 duathlon crossed his way. Since then, he has won two gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze in world competitions. In addition, he is five times Champion of Spain in Olympic distance and twice Champion in cross duathlon. In May of 2017 he obtained the only title he hadn’t won already, Champion of Europe. Huelva, the city where he was born, paid tribute to his career by naming the local athletics stadium after him.

Julia Castro, perseverance to stand out in Spanish rugby

Julia Castro is a young woman from Seville who, at only 18, begins to stand out in the world of rugby. In 2017, she was called up by the Spanish National Team to compete in the European Championship. Julia is Champion of Andalusia and achieved the seventh position in the Olympic rugby Spanish Championship with the senior team of the University of Seville.

Laura Pérez, speed with the ball to reach the top of women’s football in Europe

Born in Granada 19 years ago, Laura Pérez was champion and runner-up in the European Championship with the u-19 Spain women’s national football team. She has played in different categories within the Spanish national team. After playing in the USA for a year, Laura returned home in 2017 to play in the Granada C. F.. Her next goal is to make her team achieve its promotion.

David Ortega, passion for basketball that coaches junior players and the Spanish team

Young David Ortega has fulfilled one of his dreams when he was called by the Spain Basketball Team in the Eurobasket 2017 to be part of the technical team. Ortega has a successful career as basketball coach. He was the first of his promotion when he took an advanced course on basketball coaching, and one year later he became the youngest teacher in the history of this course. He currently coaches the junior team of the Real Betis.